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Dear Colleagues and Friends,


I would like to welcome you, our friends and colleagues, to ISHVAC 2021, the 12th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning, to be held from November 24 to 26, 2021. Organizers, KIAEBS, the Korean Institute of Architectural Sustainable Environment and Building Systems, are pleased and excited to first host the flagship conference of ISHVAC in Seoul, Korea.

The purpose of ISHVAC is to present and exchange research ideas and results on recent issues related to the built environment, HVAC, and energy savings in buildings. Under the theme, “Healthy, Smart and Interactive Built Environment”, the symposium will cover diverse disciplines of HVAC from the present to the future. The organizing committee has invited distinguished plenary speakers who are truly outstanding leaders in the related respective areas. The symposium will offer a dynamic and stimulating array of scientific and practical workshop programs for sharing valuable ideas. The symposium goes basically online and some ceremonies and workshops can be optionally held on-site in Seoul, Korea when international travel is possible in safe.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I invite you to ISHVAC 2021.



Junseok Park (Professor, Hanyang University)

President of ISHVAC 2021 Organizing Committee



Healthy, Smart and Interactive Built Environment


Target audience

ISHVAC 2021 attracts not only scientists & experts, but also practitioners from many professions, including engineers (HVAC, Public health, Civil), authorities, contractors and architects. We strongly encourage these professions to share their knowledge and practical experience.



Online. If COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, then we will also open for physical attendance in Seoul City. See the "Venue Information" page under "Information".


Key dates

The conference will be held on 24th to 26th November 2021.

For submission deadlines for abstracts, workshop proposals, and papers, see the "Deadlines" page under 'Submissions'


Organized by

KIAEBS (Korean Institute of Architectural Sustainable Environment and Building Systems)



Email: secretariat@ishvac2021.org, Tel: +82-2-2291-9609


COVID-19 response

The conference is keeping the dates 24-26 November 2021 irrespective of conference form. We guarantee the possibilty to attend the conference digitally, e.g. Zoom. If travel restrictions are loosened, we will also consider physical attandance in Seoul. Our COVID-19 response will follow national and international guidelines. Please register for e-mail updates, or submit an abstract/workshop proposal so that we can keep you updated.


Official language

International English, including all submissions.



First organized in 1991, the ‘International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning’, or ‘ISHVAC’, has a unique history in bringing together researchers from diverse backgrounds to discuss the multi-disciplinary field of heating and cooling.


Previous ISHVAC

1991 Beijing 2009 Nanjing
1995 Beijing 2011 Shanghai
1999 Shenzhen 2013 Xian
2003 Beijing 2015 Tianjin
2007 Beijing 2017 Jinan
2019 Harbin  
Committee Members

Organizing Committee

President of ISHVAC 2021 Junseok Park Hanyang University
Vice-president of ISHVAC 2021 Cheol Soo Park Seoul National University
Vice-president of ISHVAC 2021 Seonghwan Yoon Pusan National University
General Affairs General Secretary Jae-Weon Jeong Hanyang University
Members Kwang Ho Lee Korea University
Dong Hwa Kang University of Seoul
Business Affairs Director Seonghwan Yoon Pusan National University
Members Kyung Soon Park Dong-Eui University
Jae Hun Jo Inha University
Academic Affairs Director Sun Sook Kim Ajou University
Members Jin Woo Moon Chung Ang University
Jong Kwan Ryu Chonnam National University
Eui Jong Kim Inha University
Jae Han Lim Ewha Womans University

Gyuyeob Jeon

Jeju National University
Young-Hum Cho Yeungnam University
Yujin Nam Pusan National University
International Cooperation Affairs Director Cheol Soo Park Seoul National University
Members Geun Young Yun Kyung Hee University
Yeonsook Heo Korea University

Advisory Committee

An-Seop Choi Sejong University Korea
Angui Li Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology China
Baizhan Li Chongqing University China
Bjarne W. Olesen Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Byung-Yoon Park Suwon Science College Korea
Chang-Ho Choi Kwangwoon University Korea
Chungyoon Chun Yonsei University Korea
Edward Arens University of California, Berkeley USA
Hiroshi Yoshino Tohoku University Japan
Jung-Ha Hwang Kyungpook National University Korea
Junjie Liu Tianjin University China
Jurng-Jae Yee Dong-A University Korea
Kang-Soo Kim Korea University Korea
Kwang-Woo Kim Seoul National University Korea
Kyun-Hyong Cho The University of Suwon Korea
Lin Duanmu Dalian University of Technology China
Min-Kwan Cho Kangnam University Korea
Myung-Jun Kim University of Seoul Korea
Moon-Keun Kim Oslo Metropolitan University Norway
Qingyan Chen Purdue University USA
Richard de Dear The University of Sydney Australia
Seung -Yeong Song Ewha Womans University Korea
Shin-ichi Tanabe Waseda University Japan
Wei Xu China Academy of Building Research China
Xu Zhang Tongji University China
Yang-Ki Oh Mokpo National University Korea
Yi Jiang Tsinghua University China
Yingxin Zhu Tsinghua University China
Yuguo Li The University of Hong Kong China
Zhaojun Wang Harbin Institute of Technology China

Scientific Committee

Beungyong Park Hanbat National University  Korea
Bin Cao Tsinghua University China
Borong Lin Tsinghua University China
Donghee Choi Kyungil University Korea
Donghyun Seo Chungbuk National University Korea
Fu-Jen Wang National Chin-Yi University of Technology China
Goopyo Hong Kangwon National University Korea
Guangyu Cao Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Hongxing Yang The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Hui Zhang University of California, Berkeley USA
Jae wan Jo Inha University Korea
Janghoo Seo Kookmin University Korea
Jianlei Niu The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Jing Liu Harbin Institute of Technology China
Jinkyun Cho Hanbat National University Korea
Jonghoon Ahn Hankyong National University Korea
Kyunam Lee Pukyong National University Korea
Lei Fang Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Leon Wang Concordia University Canada
Marcel Schweiker Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
Menghao Qin Technical University of Denmark  Denmark
Min Hee Chung Chung-Ang University Korea
Minki Sung Sejong University Korea
Minsung Kim Sun & Light Korea
Qihong Deng Zhongnan University China
Quan Zhang Hunan University China
Rajan Rawal CEPT University India
Risto Kosonen Aalto University, Finland
Runa T. Hellwig Aalborg University Denmark
Runming Yao University of Reading UK
Sang Hoon Lee Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Korea
Sangtae No Korea National University of Transportation Korea
Seanhay Kim Seoul National University of Science and Technology Korea
Shengwei Wang Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Stefano Schiavon University of California, Berkeley USA
Sumin Kim Yonsei University Korea
Sung Min Yoon Inchen National University Korea
Sungchan Lee Youngsan University Korea
Sunglok Do Hanbat National University Korea
Taeyon Hwang Chosun University Korea
Tengfei (Tim) Zhang Dalian University of Technology China
Tianzhen Hong Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory USA
U Yanagi Kogakuin University Japan
Woong June Chung Gachon University Korea
Xiangli Li Dalian University of Technology China
Xianting Li Tsinghua University China
Xiaosong Zhang Southeast University China
Xudong Yang Tsinghua University China
Xudong Zhao University of Hull UK
Yinping Zhang Tsinghua University China
Yong Hee Kim Youngsan University Korea
Yoonbok Seoung Korea Conformity Laboratories Korea
Young-Hum Cho Yeungnam University Korea
Younghak Song Gyeongsang National University Korea
Youn-Kyu Seo Korea Energy Agency Korea
Yujin Nam Pusan National University Korea
Zhang Lin City University of Hong Kong China
Zhaohong Fang Shandong Jianzhu University China
Zhengrong Li Tongji University China
Zhiqiang (John) Zhai University of Colorado at Boulder USA
Zhiwei Lian Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Zhiwen Luo University of Reading UK
Lushin Kirill Moscow State University of Civil Engineering Russia
Kazuhide Ito Kyushu University Japan
Naoki Kagi Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Joon-Ho Choi University of Southern California USA
Dongwoo Yeom Arizona State University USA
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